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About us

Takase Tech is a Japanese Company which has developed an innovative and groundbreaking technology for the treatment of urban municipal waste, sanitary waste, biomass and slurry.

The president and inventor of the technology, Japanese engineer Jo TAKASE has dedicated more than fifteen years to the study of reactions of various materials in hydrothermal processes in special conditions. After many trials in laboratories on reduced scales, he was able to transfer his successes to an industrial scale model, demonstrating the functionality and viability of the technology.

Takase Tech is composed of an important team of industrial designers,  Japanese and Spanish engineers, as well as economists and lawyers, forming a highly qualified multidisciplinary work team.

Due to the high demand of our technology we are in a phase of expansion, currently consisting of a central office in Japan and branches in Spain and Mexico, projecting growth in Asia, Latin America and Europe.

Jo Takase
President of Takase Tech

President’s Letter

One of current society’s great problems is the gradual destruction of the environment, largely due to the unsustainability of its economic model based on aggressive politics with the natural habitat.

If a significant change in the use of natural resources is not accomplished, humanity will reach a point of no return in the destruction of the environment, leaving a difficult legacy to future generations.

For this reason, humanity carries the responsibility to confront this significant issue in a determined and direct manner, taking the necessary measures to mitigate the natural disaster caused by it over the years.

In this sense, one of the main pillars that sustains the development of our technology is, without a doubt, our strong commitment to the environment.

Takase Tech was created in order to solve one of the main problems which presents a serious threat to our environment: the increased generation and accumulation of waste.

Takase Tech converts municipal waste, livestock waste, and slurry into a high efficiency combustible solid and/or a high quality fertiliser in an economically viable manner, returning the waste material into the natural cycle of the ecosystem.

For this reason, we are proud to do our part in society towards the preservation of the environment.